Restoring Hearing Clarity in Sheepshead Bay, NY

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology That Connects You With The Sounds Around You

Increasing the volume at which you hear is only one component of hearing restoration. If you have older hearing aids that have made it hard for you to distinguish between sounds or fully comprehend what you hear, then you’ll be delighted with the strides that we have made in modern hearing aid technology. With state-of-the-art advancements, our hearing professionals can help restore your hearing clarity in Sheepshead Bay, NY.

State-of-the-Art Technological Improvements

The newest hearing aid technology is designed to treat hearing loss by using complex stimulation patterns to replace diminished auditory input to the brain. Traditional hearing aids just make things louder, but with today’s new treatment options, you can hear more clearly and more naturally, in all listening environments… even in noisy restaurants!

Today’s hearing aid technology includes the following features:

  • Enhanced Clarity – to fill in missing speech details
  • Noise-Cancellation Features – to filter speech in noisy environments
  • Soft-Speech Booster – to help you hear the ‘soft-speakers’ in your life (e.g., children and grandchildren, your spouse, etc.)
  • Surround Sound Features
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smart devices

How Hearing Aid Technology Works

There are different types of hearing aid technology – each type is custom-designed and programmed to meet your specific hearing loss and your hearing needs. However, they all ultimately perform the same function: to help you hear more clearly and more naturally.

We hear with our brains, not with our ears. Today’s technology focuses on enhancing brain function by providing enhanced clarity surround sound with background-noise canceling features.

This can be used to address the full spectrum of hearing difficulties, from people with audiometric ‘normal hearing’ to individuals with severe to profound hearing loss.

Different Types of Hearing Aid Technology

The latest hearing aid technology comes in several shapes and sizes, including some invisible options for maximum discretion. Your hearing health care provider will review your treatment options based on your type of hearing loss and unique hearing needs. Regardless of which treatment option is right for you, whether you’re out to dinner with friends, hitting the beach, meeting with clients, or hiking, you’ll be able to hear what matters most with today’s advanced technology!

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