Hearing Protection For Musicians in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Play Worry-Free With Quality ​Protective Devices

Professional musicians work in loud environments with noise levels that can cause hearing loss over time. Special hearing protection is available to protect and preserve your hearing without interfering with what you need to hear for your ideal performance. We offer hearing protection for musicians in Brooklyn Heights, NY, and have solutions to keep hearing loss at bay.

Ear Plugs for Musicians

No matter the size of the performance venue, musicians are regularly exposed to high volumes of sound. This can lead to permanent hearing damage, a necessity for your livelihood. Musician’s earplugs, unlike generic foam or silicone earplugs, are custom-designed to best preserve the accuracy of sound on both your instruments and your bandmates.

These earplugs provide musicians ample performance hearing while filtering out the harmful frequencies. Our experts recommend musician’s earplugs for all people involved in the live music industry, from band members to crews, to DJs, and concert-goers. You only have one set of ears – protect them!

Monitors for Musicians

Musicians who perform for large audiences in large venues typically use in-ear monitors. Why? Because the dual competing sounds of the venue’s amplification system, coupled with the crowd noise, makes it challenging to hear the sounds on stage.

Similar to musician’s earplugs, custom-molded in-ear monitors provide necessary protection against high volumes, while streaming your performed sound to your ears at a tolerable volume. This helps you keep on track with your performance.

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