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It takes more than hearing aids. It takes the right hearing aid systems. It takes Brooklyn Audiology Associates.

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Since every person is unique, and their hearing loss individual, we have a wide selection of hearing aids and hearing solutions. Allow Brooklyn Audiology to guide you to hear the sounds that you have been missing for so long. We will consider your particular level of hearing and personal lifestyle.

Hearing Services

Selecting the right audiologist is the single most important factor to improving your hearing. At Brooklyn Audiology, we specialize in difficult hearing losses, problem solving and helping those that have previously been unsatisfied patients in the past.

  • Complete Hearing Evaluations – Children and Adults

  • Dizzy Patient Evaluations

Assistive Hearing Products

  • Amplified Telephones

  • Telephone Amplifiers

  • Hearing Aid Care Products

  • Voice Carry-Over Phones

  • Personal Amplifiers

  • Infrared Systems

  • Alerting Products

  • Infrared Listening Systems

  • Personal FM Systems

  • Hearing Aid Batteries


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Yonah audiologist was very helpful and knowable I would highly recommend this place
Saul Kizon
I've been using this audiologist for over 15 years and have progressed from in the ear, behind the ear, to my current hearing aids, which are Lyrics that...
Lydia G.
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