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Since every person is unique, and their hearing loss individual, we have a wide selection of hearing aids and hearing services. Allow Brooklyn Audiology to guide you to hear the sounds that you have been missing for so long. We will consider your particular level of hearing and personal lifestyle.

Hearing Services

Selecting the right audiologist is the single most important factor to improving your hearing. At Brooklyn Audiology, we specialize in difficult hearing losses, problem solving and helping those that have previously been unsatisfied patients in the past.

Assistive Hearing Products

  • Infrared Systems

  • Alerting Products

  • Infrared Listening Systems

  • Personal FM Systems

  • Hearing Aid Batteries

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is the frequent experience of bothersome sound in the ears with no external source. Often described as a ringing or buzzing sound, tinnitus is a very common problem affecting over 50 million Americans. We can work with you to identify potential causes of your specific symptoms and suggest ways to reduce the impact of tinnitus in your daily life.

Ear Wax Removal

Although most people have a normal and healthy amount of ear wax in their ears, sometimes people can have too much ear wax and/or their ear wax does not drain properly, leading to itchiness, sudden tinnitus, pain and even partial hearing loss. Our audiologists can easily remove the ear wax from your ears safely and painlessly using special medical tools.

Musician Monitors and Custom Earbuds

Stage performers are particularly vulnerable to damaging their hearing from both amplifiers and ear monitors. We offer in-ear monitors to provide clearer sound and effective sound monitoring at much lower volume levels. With custom earbuds, you can say goodbye to the damaging effects of traditional headphones and the annoying background noise that comes with them

Custom Hearing Products

We provide custom hearing products, hearing aids and hearing services to specifically match your needs. We customize a variety of factors such as style, fit, function, color and features for a personal experience that aligns with your unique needs and lifestyle. Plus, custom hearing products are made to fit discreetly in your ears for all-day comfort.

Captioned Phones

Get a phone that says it all! Captioned phones have a built-in screen that displays what the person on the other line is saying in text. They’re ideal for hearing aid users or people with severe to profound hearing loss. Never miss a word again, and spend more time focusing on the conversation rather than trying to interpret what’s being said.

Real Ear Verification | Brooklyn Hearing Aid Experts

Real Ear Verification

This is the single most important factor in determining your hearing aid success, and the only way to verify that the hearing aids are properly programmed to your prescription. Real ear verification doesn’t only focus on the type and degree of your hearing loss, but also takes into account your ear’s unique anatomy.


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All of my appointments at Brooklyn Audiology are pleasent and helpful. Good place to go for a hearing aide
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Awesome place! The entire staff is amazing and so caring! I highly recommend this doctor!
kevin wedra
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