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I have visiting this office for many yearsI have traveled from Rockland county New York,Beverly Massachusetts, Phoenix Arizona In good and bad weather There is no other place in the world that comparesI have lost , broken and you name to all my hearing aids What else can I say !Simply the BEST
Tony Ziegler
Had a phenomenal experience with the audiologist here. All the audiologist are thorough and professional. Best place to go to.
Arthur Budnik
Excellent caring and very professional
Eleanor Farkouh
We had a really wonderful experience for my 4 year old son. They related well to him. Highly recommend.
Jennifer Stone
Yonah audiologist was very helpful and knowable I would highly recommend this place
Saul Kizon
Here is very nice and friendly team. Very professional and knowledgeable specialists. Feel at home in this office.
George Weintraub
The office runs very smoothly and they have a wonderful staff of women who are so kind, knowledgeable and willing to help you at any time during your visit.
Dorothy Figlioli
Great people and always willing to help. Very happy with product recommended. A perfect 10.
Gloria Faraino
I went to Brooklyn Audiology Associates and meet with Richard who is extremely compassionate and understanding.
Estra Harris Einhorn