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We specialize in 100% digital hearing aids, with models from top-of-the-line brands, including Phonak, ReSound, Unitron, Widex, Oticon, Lyric, Starkey and others.

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Starkey Hearing Aids

For five decades, Starkey has been improving hearing. With industry-leading research and development capability, Starkey works to understand the science of hearing loss. They create advanced signal processing technology to shape sound, and are willing to tackle more difficult fittings. Here are two of the latest Starkey hearing aid models we recommend for listeners.

SoundLens Synergy iQ

Starkey SoundLens Synergy

With a custom-fit, invisible-in-canal (IIC) solution, the SoundLens Synergy iQ is the smallest, most comfortable solution available today. Three levels are available: premium (2400), advanced (2000), and select (1600). Premium models feature all of the Acuity sound enhancement technology, such as Acuity Binaural Imaging for noise and directional management, and Acuity Lifescale Analyzer to adapt for environments. All units use a 10 size battery, and different faceplate colors are available to make the hearing aids virtually invisible when worn.

The design of the SoundLens Synergy iQ eliminates feedback and annoying whistling. Integrated into the hearing aids is advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, customizable therapy modes for tinnitus relief. The SoundLens Synergy iQ i2400 also features 900MHz wireless technology for connectivity via the SurfLink family of accessories.

Halo iQ

Starkey Halo iQ

With the TruLink hearing control app and 2.4 GHz wireless technology, Halo iQ takes Made for iPhone capability to the next level. Three levels are available: premium (i2400), advanced (i2000), and select (i1600), in powerful receiver-in-canal (RIC) versions using either a smaller 312 or a larger 13 battery. Premium models feature Acuity Immersion Directionality for more natural speech understanding in difficult listening situations. The Surface NanoShield coating repels water, wax, and dust for durability.

Halo iQ enables direct streaming of phone calls and music from Apple devices. It also features geotagged memory that automatically switches hearing modes when the GPS in your smartphone detects a change in preferred locations – for instance, at “home” versus “restaurant”. The TruLink smartphone app on either iOS or Android allows you to adjust SoundSpace and Noise Manager to your preferences, anytime.

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