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Lyric Hearing Aids

Pushing the limits of miniaturization and comfort meant a revolutionary design for Lyric – the world’s first invisible-in-canal (IIC), 24 hour, 7 day a week hearing aid. Appropriate for mild-to-moderate  hearing loss, the water-resistant Lyric is safely inserted by an audiologist deep in the ear for extended wear of weeks at a time, through exercise, showering, and sleep.

lyric hearing aid at brooklyn audiology

One of Lyric’s advanced technologies is a conforming foam shell that adapts to the shape of a listener’s ear canal. Audiologists size your ear, then select the appropriate size Lyric device for the best performance. Recently, two new sizes have been added: XXS for increased comfort in smaller ears, and XXL for reduced feedback in larger ears. Despite its small size, Lyric contains state-of-the-art signal processing to capture and shape sound working with the shape of the ear.

Lyric size spectrum available at brooklyn audiology

Each Lyric is delivered in a sealed pouch, which when opened exposes the battery to air and turns on the device. An audiologist inserts the Lyric using a depth gauge for safe placement, and programs it using a programming wand.  A small, magnetic SoundLync wand allows you to adjust the volume and turn the Lyric on or off, or put it in sleep mode. With no replaceable batteries to change and no need to remove the Lyric daily, it is maintenance free. Listeners can remove the Lyric from their ear themselves if they need to for any reason. When the battery is expended after many weeks of use, you simply return to your audiologist for a new device under your annual Lyric subscription.*

Listeners are extremely satisfied with the solution: 94% of Lyric listeners say they would recommend it to friends or loved ones. We are, too: we’d be happy to discuss if Lyric is the right solution for you.

* For our listeners residing in NY, a 45-day trial period applies, allowing cancellation for any reason with only a small service fee applied.

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