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Our Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan” is a simplified patient financing program and is approved for use in all 50 states.

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The  Brooklyn Audiology approved treatment process developed and proven over 40 years, has helped over 40,000 patients overcome the effects of hearing loss, and in an affordable manner. In the past, if a patient had limited financial resources, or just wanted to save a few dollars, they were forced to reduce the effectiveness of treatment with traditional hearing aids by compromising on features and capabilities; this is no longer an issue for our patients.

Our Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan” is a simplified patient financing program and is approved for use in all 50 states. In addition to removing the barrier for new patients to invest in proper hearing health care, this program also tackles another major issue: patients with traditional hearing aids that are unable to afford a large down payment to upgrade to treatment with NeuroTechnology™ with our “Treatment Plan”. In Brooklyn we are able to offer unlimited no-out-of-pocket cost changes to technology every 4 years based on changes to the patient’s hearing and cognitive needs.

This Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan” is all-inclusive and ensures that each patient always has what is best to treat his/her hearing loss and associated cognitive needs. With our Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan”,  patients have access to low-cost monthly treatment plans that provide significant benefits including full warranty coverage on treatment technology (and one-time loss coverage and unlimited repair coverage), complete access to all required supplies, batteries and service appointments and most importantly no-cost automatic upgrades to new treatment technology every 4 years.

The two undeniable facts of hearing loss treatment are: 1) a patient’s hearing loss and associated cognitive needs will change over time and 2) technology used to treat hearing loss will improve. With our “Treatment Plan”, at Brooklyn Audiology Associates, treating patients with the best most advanced solution, is always our top priority!

The benefits of medically treating hearing loss with the Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan” process, is exceptional.  Each patient who finances treatment with our “Treatment Plan” can expect the following benefits:

  • a pair of adaptive NeuroTechnology™ designed to address the cognitive aspects of hearing loss
  • lifetime hearing loss coverage with affordable fixed monthly treatment plan costs
  • lifetime warranty with the plan (including a 1- time loss)
  • automatic technology upgrades every 48 months (or less)
  • access to discounted technology accessories including rechargeable batteries, smartphone and TV adaptor
  • all office visits included
  • hearing technology supplies included: batteries, cleaning accessories,

The standard cost of our Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan” can be customized depending on both hearing loss and associated cognitive needs, insurance benefits and financial situation.

The medical treatment of hearing loss is associated with a number of physical and cognitive benefits including:

  • improvements in quality of life
  • enhancements in cognitive function, memory recall and attention
  • and may even reduce the risk of developing cognitive decline and Dementia/Alzheimer’s.

Recent peer reviewed research articles, indicate that the treatment of hearing loss may even slow the progression of Dementia/Alzheimer’s, and improve cognitive function.  Thus, it is our obligation to our patients to make treatment more affordable and accessible, and our Brooklyn Audiology approved “Treatment Plan”, helps to solve this problem and get more people to start treating their hearing loss today.

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